Sitecore Hackathon 2016 Team submissions

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New Habitat Feature

Admin Mullet Reloaded – Time Manager
The Sitecore Habitat Time Manager brings the proven Pomodoro Technique to the Sitecore community. Featured in business publications like Fast Company, productivity blogs like Life Hacker, and used by developer gurus like Scott Hanselman and John Sonmez, the Pomodoro Technique pushes away the distractions of a typical business environment, allowing you to focus in manageable 25-minute increments, followed by short 5 minute breaks to keep you operating at full efficiency throughout the day.

Dark Knights – Custom video player rendering
Extend habitat media feature while extending Sitecore with custom video player rendering with experience editor friendly user experience to be able to search online videos across multiple service providers such as YouTube and Vimeo in standardized SPEAK based UI. This would facilitate lot of enterprises to integrate with their corporate online video channels. Long term objective is also to bring in media analytics capabilities, perhaps integrating with Sitecore xDB, as applicable and possible.

Experience Plateau – Sitecore Fresh
The only module to let content authors know that their content is out of date! With extensibility endpoints for developers, notifications in the various editor modes, and boosting of search results, this module is action packed and will be a welcome hit to content authors across the world.

Horizontal Indians – HabSearch
HabSearch module extended the search functionality of the Sitecore Habitat website by adding features like Search Facets & enabling Site Personalization via the auto triggering of desired Sitecore Personalization Profiles/Personas based on the search keywords (e.g. If user search for ‘Sitecore’ keyword, show some personalized content on the sidebar ).

No Weekend 4 us – The Event Feature
Based on our experience with Sitecore and the expectations that our customers have when creating a new website we did an entire walk-through of the Habitat solution. As we investigated the Features made available in the latest Habitat version we tried to list which elements we saw as missing from the solution.
One of the features that seemed lacking was the possibility for the content editor to create and manage events as well as all associated content.

Nurun Quebec’s Poutine
Learn, innovate and try to combine two technologies which are not yet directly integrated.
Transfer the heavy indexing process to an external provider hosting in the cloud to allow the end user to have a better search experience.

Quebec Experience – Visitor Identification Module
Provide an easy to use interface to log visitor actions into Sitecore’s xDB so that their
actions can be used, in future site visits, to provide more meaningful content to those
particular visitors.
○ The Habitat module contains an out of the box REST API to easily log
informations to Sitecore xDB.
● Provide a way to detect developers or people that find their pleasure at gaining
informations about a website structures and mechanics.
○ The module contains a script to detect if a visitor’s developer tools are opened.
● Provide site building blocks to facilitate our module usage while performing site
● Front our module in Habitat to show all its power to other Habitat developers.

Red Staffy – Events Feature

Santas Little Helper – Real-Time Collaboration Module
Our submission was based on the first option, “New Habitat Feature”. We decided to develop a new feature that was missing in this platform and we added some additional cool functionality in order to give more value to our product.
The feature consist in collaborate between website members and also interact in a real-time forum where each user can create discussions and reply to another users’ comments.

Sitecore Boleh
Getting Latest update happening in social media page by using this module on Sitecore habitat platform to enhance data analysis done by Business user.

SwissExperienceFactory – Rendering Mover for Habitat
In the Sitecore 8.0 Experience Editor it was only possible to add renderings to the
Final Layout. If you wanted to change the Shared Layout you had to use the
Presentation Details.
This meant that an author usually added a specific rendering for each language
manually. In Sitecore 8.1 it’s possible to add renderings to the shared Layout from
the Experience Editor.

The Belgian Pavement – Documentation Event Feature
This document intend to describe how to install the Event Feature made for the Sitecore Hackathon 2016 – Specialized for Habitat, how to use it and how It works.
Please follow the instruction in the same order as seen in the document.
This module won’t work outside habitat right now, as it have some dependencies on the Foundation of Habitat.

The Doof Warriors – Blog
The new module created was for blog posts. The module allows you to see a list of all blog postings and upon selecting one, view the entire post. In addition we added a tag system that allows you to filter for posts based on the selected tag.

ThunderCore – Chat
The Customer Service Representative Chat Module or CSR Chat Module for short provides an easy to use chat feature that visitors can utilize to contact site administrators and customer service representatives.
Our Module makes it easy for companies to follow up on customer inquiries as well as build trust through reaching out to people browsing, it also keeps a record of all chats between CSR’s and potential customers, which can be accessed later on to be able to assess growing customer needs.



Third Party Integration

A-Team Possible – Comments Module

BB9 – Integration of the Google Maps into Sitecore
The Google Maps is a very popular feature a modern good website can have. The visitors who demand fast and easy access for the desired information dont want spend time for searching for them. Today just show the address on the page is simply not enough.
The ’How to get there?’ became such as important as the ’Where it is?’.

Cache Money Millionaires – 3rd party integration between Slack and the Habitat website

Diversus A-Team – REST Service Integration with Visualized Google Map
The purpose of this module was to provide a generic framework for integrating and aggregating various geo spatial datasources. This enables a user-friendly manner for end-users and technical staff to specify RESTful web service data to consume in Sitecore and have this data displayed in a Google Maps visualization.

Memory Leak
Allow for business users and developers alike to subscribe to Sitecore evens and pipelines and have them appear in one or more Slack Channels.

Pwned the experience
We have built a Sitecore graph database module which is powered by a cloud database (Neo4j) running in the cloud ( The module allows interesting graph Cypher queries to be made to deliver relevant related content.

Team NishTech
The Jiratasktic module is a self-sufficient Sitecore module that integrates Sitecore with a JIRA Project. The module is targeted to Content Authors and Content Testers to associate Sitecore content items with JIRA issues without leaving Sitecore Experience Editor or Content Editor.

Tech Turtles
Module is for user who wants to retrieve information about a particular company social media. is the 3rd party API used in this module.
they uploaded their mp4 so no link but will email it to you Pieter

The Jarabaras – PinMe
The purpose of the module is to demonstrate the location aware capabilities that Sitecore consists and how it could be developed based on the Habitat architecture.

The Monads
Sitecore Habitat Commenting is aiming to bring a commenting experience into a page delivered by Sitecore Habitat. 3rd Party discussion or commenting modules take the engagement away from your website. With the integrated commenting module, we hope to bring that back into the xDB and keep the analytics combined for use with profiling and engaging your user base.

Uniques – Recommendations Feature
Recommendations is a feature ready to be used on the Habitat website. This feature provides content
recommendations for any page within Habitat. The recommendations are based on the key phrase
extraction service from the Azure Text Analytics API and some post processing with the Sitecore
ContentSearch API.