Sitecore Hackathon 2017 – Submission Videos

Data Visualization Package for Sitecore Experience Accelerator
The Data Visualization Package (DataVizPak) for Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) incorporates powerful datadriven
visualizations into the standard SXA toolbox. SXA offers a wide range of components for content authors to speed up
production of websites. DataVizPak extends the available components with powerful data visualizations that content editors
can use to add a new dimension of content to their websites.

Afternoon Delight
Hotspot Image for Sitecore Experience Accelerator
The Hotspot Image module’s aim is to meet a common requirement of clients to providing a high-level of interactivity with imagery to reveal more content.

Alternative Facts
ChatOpswith Sitecore
We’ve created a ChatBotdesigned to help Sitecore development and operations teams monitor and interact with their Sitecore Environments. The goal was to develop our MVC (Minimum Viable ChatBot) to demonstrate a number of interesting concepts.

Sitecore HoloLens App
Microsoft HoloLens is the first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling users to engage with digital content and interact with holograms in the world around them.
Our project has leveraged this technology to build a Sitecore HoloLens App, which enables Sitecore content editors and marketers to use holographic interfaces, gestures and voice recognition to create and publish content to web.

Live List for Habitat
A list module that can render almost anything, but we didn’t stop there and added another functionality. To make this list update in real time for the viewer.

Sitecore Trello Integration using Data exchange framework
Our Module provides a way to integrate between Sitecore and Trello using the Data exchange framework to pull Trello Cards, in order for Content Editors to be able to follow up on tasks even from within Sitecore.
Our Module makes it easy for Content Editors to check and update tasks assigned to them on Trello without having to leave Sitecore, allowing them to be more productive saving their company time and money.

Bits Please
Comments and ratings are present in a lot of web applications and web pages nowadays, there is a lot of feedback for the webpages administrators, but there are several inconsistencies between what the ratings show and what the users really want to express in the comments: their feelings.

SC Shopify
Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. Consumers find a product of interest by visiting the website of the retailer directly or by searching among alternative vendors using a shopping search engine, which displays the same product’s availability and pricing at different e-retailers. As of 2016, customers can shop online using a range of different computers and devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers and smart-phones.

Dark Horse
Event Habitat Salesforce
This cool feature lets the users to Get/Post data (Events) to the Salesforce.
Feature is flexible enough to adapt to any CRM in future.

DLBi Unicorns
PDF Merger
The idea of this utility is to help content authors upload multiple PDF files and merge into a single PDF file which will be stored directly into the media library.

Error 404
User Audit Report
Each day Sitecore as application is used by many content editor around the world. They work hard to put new content, to manage thousands of sites, components, millions of fields inside. Today we have to ask a question, could we take some reports of their work ? Could we check which of those elements on the page are frequently changed ? Which of Content Editors is the hardest worker ? How to optimize our content and content editing process ?

Google Structured Data for Habitat
The module extends Habitat and allows to use structured data according to Google guidelines

G.O.A.T. Sitcore Devs
DEF GOAT Amazon Provider
The purpose of the DEF GOAT Amazon Provider is to provide an accelerated path to integrating Amazon products in your Sitecore Instance. The module leverages Sitecore Date Exchange framework to pulls products according to your customized search parameters and stores the data you wish as Sitecore items for display on your site.

Go Horse
WikiDX is a sitecore module that allows you to import content from any MediaWiki powered website right into your sitecore item. One can think of Wikipedia as an obvious source but there are many other MediaWiki websites. Here’s a list of websites using MediaWiki that can serve as source for your sitecore items.

Item Basket Module
The main purpose is to improve developers as well as content authors efficiency, by allowing them to make content changes and adding that item to “item basket”. Once s/he is finished with content update, user can open item basket, Publish, Reset Layout Details, Recycle and remove the items from “item basket”.

Justice League of Sitecore
Smart Delete
Deletions go through a workflow process
Allows for better governance of content deletion by controlling when deletion is executed via the workflow process and logging content deletion to a separate Sitecore log
Easy to use for content authors and approvers

Lady Verndalians
Cognitive Image Taggery
The purpose of this module is to use Microsoft Cognitive Services to analyze an image and identify keywords of items in the image. These categories can be used by content authors to quickly search through user uploaded media to identify user generated content they want to use on various areas of their site. It will make it easier them to quickly categorize these without having to click every image to see what is on it, especially on sites where there are a lot of uploaded images.

No Weekend 4 us
Blog Module
A blog module that provides a personalized blog feed based on the user’s behavior. Our module is created for the Sitecore Hackathon 2017 in the category ‘Sitecore Experience Accelerator’.

NTT Worldwide
Habitat Content Migrator Feature
The Habitat Content Migrator Feature is a Sitecore Habitat tool used when creating a “second generation” Sitecore site where there is content from a previous generation Sitecore site that needs to be migrated into a new implementation. It allows content authors to create mappings between one data template and another, and to migrate content from the one to the other using those mappings to move and modify content as needed based on the field types. It also allows versions of the content to be created in additional language variants, since content sometimes needs to be migrated from one to another (for example, an old solution may simply use “en” as its language, but a new one may employ “en-US”).

Azure IoT Connector
Azure IoT connector provides flexible way to receive user interactions from offline user actions such as interactions with real products in showrooms and aggregate this data in Sitecore xDB.

Smart Media Module
The Smart Media module extends standard media items in Sitecore, organizes them to make item management and content creation easier

Recommendations API Module
The module is aimed to leverage shopping experience for users by utilizing Microsoft Recommendation API that provides personalized product recommendations for a customer based on previous interactions.

Azure Index Explorer Module
Have you used Azure Search with Sitecore 8.2 but felt there was something missing? Team Orange has created a new module, the Azure Index Explorer. The Azure Index Explorer module can be utilized by both developers and business users to help understand what is contained within the Azure Search Indexes. For developers this module is used to troubleshoot issues with items in the index in a similar fashion to how Luke is used to inspect Lucene indexes

Red Hot Chili Coders
Now AI is getting bigger throw the Internet, so having this in mind we simulate Artificial Intelligence to create an interactive search throw a chat window. This is a module named ChatBot. Our module interacts with the client as an administrator person, you can ask it for anything inside the website like products, events, blogs, comments, etc. In summary, this module simulates AI and create a nice environment between the website and the final user.

Red Staffy
Habitat Chat Bot
We all heard about chat bots and probably we tried them out too. Believe it or not using chat bots is the new way of improving customer experience. Chat bots engage our customers to use our website or service more than before. It provides multichannel communication and thus it broads our target audience.

Santa’s Little Helper
Social Instagram Feature for Sitecore Experience Accelerator
Sitecore Experience Accelerator provides plenty of cool features like Carousel, Map, Navigation, Forms, Events, Cookie Notifications, etc. One of the coolest features it comes out-of-the box is Social.
You can add a Twitter timeline, AddThis plugin or Social Media buttons but we noticed SXA doesn’t come with an Instagram feed component which is, nowadays, a common widget used by a large amount of companies. That’s why we decided to create this missing and important feature.

Azure CDN Asset
Sitecore on Azure Web Apps opens a whole world of potential, it’s up to you to create a module that can help you and others in any way possible.

Sitecore Module Rate & Reviews
The Sitecore Rate Module helps Sitecore customers to add a system to let visitors give their
appreciation about differents Sitecore content Page (Product page, Content, FAQ, etc.).

Sitecore Debuggers
Sitecore Image Lazy Load / Resize Module
This module is meant to enable lazy loading of images on your Sitecore site. Any image loaded from a Sitecore Image field or even a Rich text field will be lazy loaded as per the parameters configured in the module configuration file. Additionally, the user can also choose to enable image resizing, again applicable to any image loaded from a Sitecore Image field or Rich text field.

Sitecore JAM
RSS Feed Reader Module
This module is designed to provide a simple way to pull RSS weather information feeds from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology into a Habitat Sitecore solution. Content authors can simply create RSS feed definitions that will automatically pull data into Sitecore items and can easily add a rendering to output the RSS feed items.

Sitecore Lovers
XML System Provider for Data Exchange Framework-1.0
Most of the CMSs exports the data in XML format. Writing custom code to read XML file and creating the respective items in Sitecore is nightmare. After installing the XML System Provider for Data Exchange Framework-1.0, you should be able to import the data from XML file.

Sitecore Pink Panthers
Extended General Link – to Add attribute for analytics tracker
This extended general link will markup attribute like, that attribute used by external analytics tracker like google and other services.

Sitecore Triumvirate
Sitecore Experience Accelerator Drag-and-drop Form Composer
Build a better user experience for editors who building forms with Sitecore and Sitecore Experience Accelerator

Sitecore xMen
RSS Blog Importer
Allow importation of blogs into a Sitecore installation

Evident Sitecore Insights
Sitecore insights is a module specifically developed for Sitecore 8.2-2 solutions running on the Azure Webapps (PaaS) model. It allows Sitecore users/administrators to view Azure Application Insight data straight from a Sitecore SPEAK application accessible on the Sitecore Dashboard (Launchpad). Although running 8.2-2 on Microsoft Azure gives you powerful Application Insights diagnostic data from within the Azure Portal you can now expose this to everyone that has access to the Sitecore client. This means no direct access is necessary and you get the nostalgic way of viewing log entries (whether it are info messages or exceptions) directly sorted by date within Sitecore. You don’t have to store your logfiles on the file system! Also you’re able to export the log entry overview to an Excel file. The future goal is to extend this to show more of the advanced metrics available in Application Insights in an attractive SPEAK-like manner within the Sitecore client. Setting it up is easy; you only need to create a API key within the Azure Portal (which is an one-time task). Enjoy your logs & enjoy the power of Sitecore on Azure!

Stoned Hackers
Distributed Redirects
Distributed redirect module allows you to create a set of vanity URLs. Every content item in sitecore will have 10 redirect field where content editor can enter vanity URLs. By this each content item will have up to 10 vanity urls for each content item but this can be increased/decreased based on requirement with minimum code changes.

Slack error reporting module
This module is designed for any user of multichannel messenger Slack that want to receive at real time the sensible events from the running Sitecore application instance.

Team NishTech
ELEVEN : A Sitecore Habitat Extension
The ELEVEN is an Experience Edit extension based on Microsoft Cognitive Speech API. The module enable the content author to speak to the mic in the computer and capture the text in Rich text box. The extension can also be configured for other text field.

Team Quisitive
Team Quisitive Taco Bot
For our project we chose to leverage Azure PaaS, Sitecore 8.2 update 1, Facebook Messenger and Skype for recording the video.

Team Unicolumn
Sitecore Google Structured Data
Purpose of this module is to create new rendering over the top of existing Habitat rendering to support google structured data.

The EventQueue
Gigya Comment Connector
– Many clients use Gigya as a Social Login, Comments/Reviews, Gammification, and Analytics Provider. This means that a lot of valuable content can sometimes be sitting in Gigya’s data center not being fully utilized. Our idea stems from a use case we recently ran into during development. Our brand team wanted be able to sort our search results on user generated ratings. The big problem with this was that our rating data is stored in our Gigya environment. One of our developers ended up writing a computed index field that called out to a Gigya API to pull in the rating information. This caused our index build time to skyrocket. Our goal was to provide an alternative solution that would bring that data into our search results while also giving User Generated Content (UGC) content to our marketing teams. We decided to focus on just the Comments/Reviews section due to time limits. By doing this, Content Authors would have a breath of fresh Content at their fingertips and we could remove costly external API calls from our computed index fields.

This Module allows you to quickly and easily synchronize all media library items to azure blob or CDN endpoint on Sitecore publish action, which increase performance at your application and give you faster storage and deployment.

Wooli Mammoths
Dropbox Provider for Data Exchange
Team Wooli Mammoths is proud to present the first-ever Dropbox Provider for Data Exchange for Sitecore. The purpose of this hackathon-ed module, which we hope wins, is to elegantly without over-engineering use the new Data Exchange Framework 1.3 to bring Dropbox-based folder contents such as images and files (primarily images were our focus) into Sitecore Media Library easily.