Sitecore Hackathon 2016

The 2016 Sitecore Hackathon is a free online community driven event organized by Akshay Sura and supported by Sitecore. (Shout out to Pieter and Mark).

Teams that have signed up by 6 pm EST January 18, 2016 will have the opportunity to participate in the contest. Eligible teams will have 24 hours — starting Friday January 29th 2016 at 8PM EST and ending Saturday January 30th 2016 at 8PM EST – to build and submit a Sitecore module best implementing the idea for the Hackathon, as determined by our panel of judges. The idea(s) will be announced an hour before the Hackathon starts on January 29th.

Quick Stats 
  • 48 Teams signed up with a total of 132 developers on all the teams
  • We got entries from 15 different countries from around the world!
  • 29 Valid entries submitted at the end of the hackathon on Saturday January 30th 2016 at 8PM EST
  • Here is a list of all submissions.
  • Winning Teams.


Final Ideas for the Hackathon – Pick one out of the three to work on. 

New Habitat Feature
Create a new feature module for the Habitat website exhibiting a clearly defined business objective.
The feature must have visible renderings on the public facing website and can optionally extend the Sitecore editing interfaces. Your feature must use the Habitat website to showcase the feature and use the marketing features and Sitecore xDB.
Your video presentation must include a brief description of the business objective and use case, followed by an introduction to the actual implementation and functionality.

3rd Party System Integration
Create an integration to a 3rd party system in the Habitat example site.
The solution can contain one or more new modules or can extend or customize the existing Habitat modules.
During your video presentation, please introduce the 3rd party system including the purpose and use case of your integration, followed by an introduction to the actual implementation and functionality.

Customer Demo Site
Showcase a customized customer demo site built on Habitat.
A customer wants to hire you or your company to build their new Sitecore website, but they want you to prove your qualifications by building an POC of their new website and do a demo on it using the personalization features of Sitecore. The POC must be based on the Habitat example site.
The video presentation should be an introduction to the company you are demoing for and their requirements, followed by the actual demo you would do in front of the customer’s marketing director and team.

Entry Submission Requirements 

All teams are required to submit the following as part of their entry submission on or before the end of the Hackathon on Saturday January 30th 2016 8PM EST.

  • Sitecore 8.1 rev. 151207 (Update-1) running on Habitat
  • Sitecore 8.1 Module (Module install package)
  • Module Code
    • Cleanliness of code
    • Commenting where necessary
    • Code Structure
    • Standard coding standards & naming conventions
  • Precise and Clear Installation Instructions document (1 – 2 pages)
  • Module usage documentation (2 – 5 pages)
    • Module Purpose
    • How does the end user use the Module?
    • Screenshots, etc.
  • Create a 2 – 10 minutes video explaining the module’s functionality (A link to youtube video)
    • What problem was solved
    • How did you solve it
    • What is the end result
The hackathon modules have to be build on Sitecore 8.1 rev. 151207 (Update-1) running on Habitat Click here for more info on Sitecore Habitat. 
  1. Community Judges
    • Michael Reynolds –twitter linkedin
    • Anders Laub –twitter linkedin
    • Kam Figy –twitter linkedin
  2. Sitecore – Technical Marketing (& friends)
    • Thomas Eldblom – twitter
    • Martina Helene Welander – twitter
    • Mark van Aalst – twitter
  3. Sitecore – Product Developers
    • Stephen Pope – twitter
    • Kieran Marron – twitter
    • Jon David – twitter
  4. Sitecore – Pre-Sales Experts
    • Chris Castle – twitter
    • Anthony Hook – twitter
Teams (48 teams signed up! – 132 Sitecore Dev’s)
  • MVPness
  • UK
  • Martin D twitter
  • Ian G twitter
  • Jonathan R twitter
  • The Monads
  • USA & UK
  • Richard S twitter
  • Justin L
  • Martin M twitter
  • CandyGram For Mongo
  • USA
  • Jason W twitter
  • Nick D
  • Dave H
  • WLS
  • Romania
  • Vlad I twitter
  • Cosma A
  • Andrei C
  • Mindtree *wildcards*
  • USA & India
  • Jinto V twitter
  • Murali D
  • Manohar I
  • Team NishTech
  • USA
  • Josh K twitter
  • Dominic D twitter
  • Himadri C twitter
  • Admin Mullet Reloaded
  • USA & India
  • Matt S twitter
  • Debu B
  • Dan S twitter
  • Memory Leak
  • USA
  • Vasiliy F twitter
  • Volodymyr L twitter
  • James C twitter
  • Quebec Experience
  • Canada
  • Jean-François L’H twitter
  • Sébastien B
  • François L-G
  • ThunderCore
  • Jordan
  • Mohammed S twitter
  • Ahmad H twitter
  • Murad S twitter
  • Sitecore-pectation
  • Jordan
  • Ishraq F twitter
  • Huda M twitter
  • Duaa G twitter
  • Vision
  • Jordan
  • Hanin D twitter
  • Bara M twitter
  • Joan E twitter
  • Uniques
  • Switzerland
  • Kevin B twitter
  • Tobias S twitter
  • Reto H twitter
  • Super Stars
  • Gunasekaran S twitter
  • Yamini M twitter
  • Dinesh K twitter
  • Aaaarrrrr! Bacon Sulting!
  • Chris W
  • Sam S
  • Chris H
  • The Jarabaras
  • Sri Lanka
  • Pasan S
  • Prageeth R
  • Shehan P
  • Santa’s Little Helper
  • Ecuador
  • Santiago M twitter
  • Juan A twitter
  • CodePanda
  • India
  • Vaibhao C twitter
  • Sumit M twitter
  • Vikrant P twitter
  • Tech Turtles
  • Sri Lanka
  • Eranga F twitter
  • Sutharsan T twitter
  • Shanjeeva K twitter
  • Pwned the experience
  • UK
  • Adam S twitter
  • Antony B twitter
  • Oliver V twitter
  • PerfExceptions
  • India
  • Prachi D twitter
  • Natasha J twitter
  • Rita V twitter
  • Blitzkreigers
  • India
  • Jagadeesh S
  • Mariappan M
  • Charu A
  • BB9
  • Hungary
  • Tamás Sz
  • Tamás T twitter
  • Bence J twitter
  • SitecoreLearners
  • India
  • Amit S twitter
  • Avanade
  • Zabiullah V M
  • Dark Knights
  • USA
  • Badal K twitter
  • Vishal G twitter
  • Manoj R twitter
  • Diversus A-Team
  • Australia
  • Patrick S
  • Dar B
  • Clement H
  • No Weekend 4 us
  • Belgium
  • Gert G twitter
  • Kris V twitter
  • Nick V
  • Nurun Quebec’s Poutine
  • Canada
  • Adriano R
  • Hinault D
  • Mathieu B
  • A-Team Possible
  • Hungary
  • László B
  • Mihály Á
  • Péter S
  • XPM
  • Poniasha N
  • NTT PowerHouse
  • USA
  • Baxter L
  • Ed K twitter
  • Paul T twitter
  • Red Staffy
  • Australia
  • Azadeh k twitter
  • Sudeep S twitter
  • Sitecore Boleh
  • Daniel F
  • Anil M
  • Kok Chon H
  • Sitecore.HCI
  • Malaysia
  • Mohammad R
  • Omran M
  • Mohamed Z
  • Horizontal Indians
  • India
  • Vikram R twitter
  • Bhavesh M twitter
  • Brijesh P twitter
  • SitecoreVigilante
  • Abhijeet V twitter
  • Sitecore Pandas
  • Sakthi
  • Indhu
  • Bharath
  • Balloons+
  • Belarus
  • Daniil R
  • Alexey S
  • Sergey B
  • The Belgian Pavement
  • Belgium
  • Johann B twitter
  • The Red Hot Chilli Hackers
  • UK
  • Bryan A twitter
  • Andrew W twitter
  • Liam H twitter
  • SwissExperienceFactory
  • Fabian G twitter
  • Matthias G twitter
  • Mark L twitter
  • Ocelotes
  • Costa Rica
  • Luis C twitter
  • Hugo Á twitter
  • José P. V twitter
  • Experience Plateau
  • USA
  • Kyle K
  • Lemaire S
  • Brent P
  • Cache Money Millionaires
  • Derek H twitter
  • Ben S twitter
  • Tom K twitter
  • The Doof Warriors
  • USA
  • Ty E twitter
  • Bill D twitter
  • Landon C twitter
  • Pwn the Xperience
  • USA
  • Corey C twitter
  • Mark S twitter
  • Nick D
  • Sitecore Rootz
  • USA
  • David W twitter
  • Anuradha D twitter
  • Lakmai P twitter

The winning teams will each receive a $100 Amazon gift card per team member, making the total $300 per team. The Amazon gift cards will be emailed to the email addresses on file no later than 10 days after the winning team is announced.

This year we will also be giving out Physical Trophies (1 per team) to showcase them on your desk and also a Digital Badge to showcase on your website or blog.

We will showcase your company logo and/or your team photo.

  • No purchase necessary.
  • Must 21 years or older at time of entry.
  • Registration deadline 1/18/16, 6 pm EST; entry deadline 1/30/16, 8 pm EST.
  • Additional terms, conditions and restrictions apply.
  • See Official Rules for complete details, including judging criteria and prize details.
Q. How many members can be in each team?
A. There can only be 3 team members maximum in a team.
Q. Can I team up with other members not in the same organization and form a team?
A. Absolutely, you can team up with any other Sitecore developer to form a team.
Q. Do we have to work on our module all 24 hours of the hackathon?
A. No, you can schedule your time and delegate appropriately. You can use as much or as little of the 24 hours to build your module.
Q. I am a one man band but want to participate, what can I do?
A. We see this every year, where we find either an individual or a team of two, get in touch with me. I can try to pair you up with others in the similar situation and help you form a team.