Sitecore Hackathon 2022

The 2022 Sitecore Hackathon is a free online community driven event organized by Akshay Sura and supported by Sitecore. (Shout out to Pieter,  Mark and Tamas).

Teams that have signed up by 6 pm EST February 18, 2022 will have the opportunity to participate in the contest. Eligible teams will have 24 hours — starting Friday March 4th 2022 at 8PM EST and ending Saturday March 5th 2022 at 8PM EST – to build and submit a Sitecore module best implementing the idea for the Hackathon, as determined by our panel of judges. The idea(s) will be announced an hour before the Hackathon starts on Friday March 4th 2022 at 8PM EST.

Quick Stats

Ideas for the hackathon:
– E-Commerce
– Extend CLI
– Extend MVP Site

Entry Submission Requirements  

All teams are required to submit the following as part of their entry submission no later than the end of the Hackathon on Saturday March 5th 2022 at 8PM EST. The submitted entries shall be based on Sitecore 10.2.

Sitecore Setup
The choice is yours as to how you install Sitecore locally for the Hackathon. There is no requirement on whether you setup with Docker, SIF/SIA, Sifon, SIFless, SIM, or [insert creative approach]. We do however require that the installation steps are simple, few, and require no magic to get your submission working. We encourage you to perform a fresh install and follow your own documentation to ensure that no steps are missed. It would be unwise to try any of these installation methods for the first time the day of the Hackathon because so much can go wrong; do what you know well and invest as much time as you can be creative working on your solution.

For those with prior experience working with Docker, we have provided a “starter kit” in this GitHub repository that will be provided to you (thanks Anders) with a variety of options to speed things up.

Please read carefully — and thoroughly — to ensure you have not missed any of the requirements.

Notwithstanding the fact that value full creativity in your submission, we are going to be judgy here — we are judges, after all. Once your code is pushed to GitHub, we will look for the following with no exceptions:

Cleanliness of code
Clear documentation
Adherence to Sitecore best practices (Helix)

The documentation requirements are extremely important. If the judges are unable to get your Hackathon project running then we can’t count it as complete. Here are items we expect to be included which must be pushed to the GitHub repo in the readme:

  • Short YouTube video (2-3 minutes) describing your project submission purpose, setup instructions, and how to use it.
  • One to two pages of documentation describing your project submission purpose with screenshots of the finished product and installation steps with screenshots where appropriate.
  • Innovators
  • United Arab Emirates, India
  • Renugadevi K linkedin
  • Mohanapriya S linkedin
  • Smash Hack
  • India
  • Chirag G linkedin
  • Ajit K linkedin
  • Ashmeet S linkedin
  • Silent Yellers
  • India
  • Rohan B linkedin
  • Deepankar S linkedin
  • Sitecorian
  • United States
  • Balaji K twitter linkedin
  • Madhu A twitter linkedin
  • Venu V twitter linkedin
  • Expendables
  • India
  • Varun S twitter linkedin
  • Jatin P twitter linkedin
  • Yamini P linkedin
  • InSpire
  • India
  • Mohit R linkedin
  • Pradeep K twitter linkedin
  • Raman G twitter linkedin
  • Eerpuvisai
  • India
  • Sengodan G linkedin
  • Ponnusamy S linkedin
  • Chandhirasekaran J linkedin
  • Vaibhav
  • India
  • Vaibhav W linkedin
  • We are groot
  • India
  • Balaji B linkedin
  • Nishant S linkedin
  • Spirit
  • India
  • Anisha S
  • Oviya
  • Sree K
  • Team Horizon 2022
  • U.K.
  • Julius A twitter
  • Addactian
  • India
  • Ketan G
  • Keyur G
  • Mitesh P
  • R Bacon Sulting
  • USA
  • Rob R twitter linkedin
  • Jason P twitter linkedin
  • Calvin R twitter linkedin
  • Web3
  • Denmark
  • Jesper B
  • Per B linkedin
  • Steven S linkedin
  • Maria
  • Greece
  • Maria T
  • Send Pizza and Coffee
  • Ecuador
  • Daniel P twitter linkedin
  • Roberto A twitter linkedin
  • SAS
  • India + UAE
  • Surendra K linkedin
  • Arun K linkedin
  • Sharjeel B linkedin
  • Ava Devs
  • Ecuador
  • Mayra O twitter linkedin
  • Yamilet C twitter linkedin
  • Mariela P twitter linkedin
  • Sitecore Helper
  • India
  • Ankit J twitter linkedin
  • Sandeep B twitter linkedin
  • Himanshu A twitter linkedin
  • Sitecore Ke Khiladi
  • India
  • Ankit K linkedin
  • Debasis M linkedin
  • Sai V linkedin
  • Cynics
  • India
  • Sudhanraja S twitter linkedin
  • Jeetendra P twitter linkedin
  • Anamika K twitter linkedin
  • Lady Verndalians
  • USA
  • Sandy F twitter linkedin
  • Hetal D twitter linkedin
  • Sitecore Legends
  • Jordan
  • Mohammad A twitter linkedin
  • Ibrahim S twitter linkedin
  • Rawan A twitter linkedin
  • E-Square V
  • Netherlands & France
  • Ezhilarasan R
  • Elakkuvan R
  • Vimalprakash M
  • Go Horse
  • Brazil, Netherlands and Estonia
  • Rodrigo P twitter linkedin
  • Jose N twitter linkedin
  • Roberto de A twitter linkedin
  • 300
  • Ecuador
  • Paul V linkedin
  • Roy S linkedin
  • Placeholder
  • Ecuador
  • Mario G twitter linkedin
  • Sebastian B linkedin
  • Andres A linkedin
  • The Pathfinders
  • USA
  • Amir S twitter linkedin
  • Tyler M
  • Colton M
  • Imran
  • USA
  • Imran H linkedin
  • Sitecore Warriors
  • USA
  • Nehemiah J twitter linkedin
  • Ganesh K linkedin
  • Team Mapleton Hill
  • USA, Mexico
  • Ehren D twitter
  • Angelica M twitter linkedin
  • A.I.
  • Ecuador
  • Ramiro B linkedin
  • Marcelo V linkedin
  • Fernando T linkedin
  • Compostable DXP
  • USA
  • Alessandro F twitter linkedin
  • Corey C twitter linkedin
  • Matthew R linkedin
  • Code Challengers
  • India
  • Nithin C
  • Rohit R
  • Debasish B
  • Formula One
  • UAE
  • Arvind G twitter linkedin
  • Pratik S twitter linkedin
  • Sandip J
  • HardcoreSitecore
  • USA
  • James G
  • Patrick D
  • Matt S
  • The Three Musketeers
  • Jordan
  • Majdy S twitter linkedin
  • Raed A twitter linkedin
  • Yazeed A twitter linkedin
  • NameTooLongException
  • U.K., Netherlands, Luxembourg
  • Peter C linkedin
  • Guido V twitter linkedin
  • Ramkumar N twitter linkedin
  • Turing
  • Jordan, U.K.
  • Mohammed S twitter linkedin
  • Hamzeh A twitter linkedin
  • SitecoreShade
  • India
  • Arul P linkedin
  • Vaibhav
  • India
  • Sandeepkumar G linkedin
  • Hackathon one loves
  • Belarus
  • Siarhei B twitter linkedin
  • Andrei P twitter linkedin
  • Artsem P twitter linkedin
  • Sitecore DevRel
  • Australia, Ireland, USA
  • Rob E twitter linkedin
  • Andrew O twitter linkedin
  • Dylan Y twitter linkedin
  • Three.SC
  • UAE, Jordan
  • Ahmad H twitter linkedin
  • Abdulrahman A twitter linkedin
  • Hassan A linkedin
  • Hack O’ Holics
  • India
  • Abhinaya A twitter linkedin
  • Arivumathi M R twitter linkedin
  • Surya S twitter linkedin
  • Team amigos
  • India
  • Kevin jouse K twitter linkedin
  • Safvan C. K twitter linkedin
  • Devika K twitter linkedin
  • Masked Up Coders
  • India
  • Thamarai S twitter
  • Arun K
  • Chandru
  • Triangle Troops
  • India
  • Aravind M twitter linkedin
  • Nivetha S twitter linkedin
  • Siddharth V twitter linkedin
  • India
  • SHRUTHI G twitter linkedin
  • SARAVANAN P twitter linkedin
  • KEERTHANA G twitter linkedin
  • Hugs for my Bugs
  • India
  • Aishwarya K twitter linkedin
  • Anjana R twitter linkedin
  • Karthik G twitter linkedin
  • Sitecore Avengers
  • Pakistan, Jordan, UAE
  • Muhammad M linkedin
  • Amro M twitter linkedin
  • Abdulrhman O twitter linkedin
  • W3WP
  • UAE, Palestine, Jordan
  • Tariq R linkedin
  • Sinnan M linkedin
  • Suhieb E
  • Sitecore Symbiotes
  • Jordan
  • Haneen D twitter linkedin
  • Malak O twitter linkedin
  • Saeedur K twitter linkedin
  • 404 NameNotFound
  • Ecuador
  • Jorge C linkedin
  • Byron D linkedin
  • Cesar Y linkedin
  • Accelerators
  • India
  • Gayathri S linkedin
  • Vaishnavi G linkedin
  • Vinoth K linkedin
  • Sirius
  • UAE
  • Shatakshi S linkedin
  • Siddharth S linkedin
  • Shards
  • U.K.
  • Mike E
  • Les Miserables
  • France, Argentina, Iran
  • Masoud A twitter linkedin
  • Miguel M twitter linkedin
  • Ehsan A twitter linkedin
  • Sitecore Mavericks
  • India
  • Mohanraj R linkedin
  • Shrinivasan M linkedin
  • Sitecoder
  • India
  • Diwakar M linkedin
  • Meenu linkedin
  • SaM Aliens
  • Belarus
  • Vadzim P twitter linkedin
  • Raman K twitter linkedin
  • Vadim B twitter linkedin
  • Ererenderingdering
  • Ukraine
  • Anton T twitter linkedin
  • Oleksandr K
  • Stanislav C
  • Bumble bees
  • India
  • Komahan C linkedin
  • Dinesh J linkedin
  • theEagles
  • USA
  • Naim A
  • Sasha K
  • Szymon D

The winning teams will each receive a $200 Amazon gift card per team member, making the total $600 per team for a three-person team. The Amazon gift cards will be emailed to the email addresses on file no later than 10 days after the winning team is announced. If Amazon gift cards are not available in the region, alternate arrangements will be made.

We will showcase your company logo and/or your team photo on this website.

  1. No purchase necessary.
  2. Must 21 years or older at time of entry.
  3. Additional terms, conditions and restrictions apply.
Q. How many members can be in each team?
A. There can only be 3 team members maximum in a team.
Q. Can I team up with other members not in the same organization and form a team?
A. Absolutely, you can team up with any other Sitecore developer to form a team.
Q. Do we have to work on our module all 24 hours of the hackathon?
A. No, you can schedule your time and delegate appropriately. You can use as much or as little of the 24 hours to build your module.
Q. I am a Team of One but want to participate, what can I do?
A. We see this every year, where we find either an individual or a team of two, get in touch with me. I can try to pair you up with others in the similar situation and help you form a team.