Sitecore Hackathon 2015 Winning Teams

Team Uniques in Best Development Experience Module
The target audience of this module are Sitecore developers who want to keep track of Item and Template changes while working on new features. It enables you to automatically track those changes and add additional Items manually to the process. At the end of your work, you can generate an Item Package which contains all those changes without having to go into the Package Designer and remember which Items you touched. All of this without leaving the Content Editor!

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Team Bazinga! In Best Sitecore Integration Module
The Azure Media Services for Sitecore module brings the encoding and adaptive streaming capabilities of Azure to the Sitecore platform. Video content is managed entirely from the familiar Sitecore interface while in the background Azure media encoding transforms your video assets into formats suitable for viewing on desktop and mobile devices. Azure Media Services for Sitecore generates both ‘HLS’ and ‘Smooth Streaming’ video formats. These adaptive streaming technologies provide the optimal experience on all modern mobile platforms, dynamically reducing or increasing the video bitrate according to the device’s connection quality. Users on the move may switch from WiFi, to 4G, to a low strength 3G signal without any interruption to their viewing experience, yet also receive the highest quality video possible when bandwidth allows.


Team Bazinga! enters Sitecore Hackathon
Sitecore Hackathon 2015 And How We Won

Team Admin/b in Best Business User Experience Module
The Sitecore Achievement Tracker incorporates gamification into the Sitecore editor experience. Sitecore 8 offers a wide variety of new features for both Content Editors and Marketers and the Achievement Tracker incentivizes new and experienced Sitecore users to explore various aspects of the system. The tracker has been built in an extensible fashion, allowing module users to cater achievements to their specific needs.


Sitecore Achievement Tracker on GitHub