Sitecore Hackathon 2015

NTT DATA is sponsoring the 2015 Sitecore Hackathon! Teams that have signed up by 6 pm EST January 20, 2015 will have the opportunity to participate in the contest. Eligible teams will have 24 hours — starting Friday January 23rd 2015 at 8PM EST and ending Saturday January 24th 2015 at 8PM EST – to build and submit a Sitecore module best implementing the idea for the Hackathon, as determined by our panel of judges. The idea(s) will be announced an hour before the Hackathon starts on January 23rd.

Here are the winning teams.

This year due to the sheer volume of teams and the overwhelming response, we along with Sitecore have decided to Pick 3 different ideas in 3 different categories. We hope this will appeal to all the teams participating in the competition.

A winning team will be picked for each category, provided enough entries are submitted per category.

Final Ideas for the Hackathon – Pick one out of the three to work on. 

Best Sitecore Integration Module
Integration is key, the whole world is open and ready to be integrated. Get creative and integrate with services, programs, devices or combinations. Let Sitecore work together with anything non-Sitecore and create something beyond your imagination.

Best Business User Experience Module
Why not help our beloved business users with a better experience. Help your content editor, workflow manager or marketer do an even better job! This is your moment to shine and make their life a bit more easier.

Best Development Experience Module
Developer, developers , developers…’s all about developers. As a developer you can never have enough tools or accelerator kits to make your work easier! Create anything that will help you. This is the challenge to make your own daily job a better and more fun experience!

Entry Submission Requirements 

All teams are required to submit the following as part of their entry submission on or before the end of the Hackathon on Saturday January 24th 2015 8PM EST.

  • Specify which category among the three provided, your entry belong to.
  • Sitecore 8 Module
  • Module Code.
    • Cleanliness of code
    • Commenting where necessary
    • Code Structure
    • Standard coding standards & naming conventions
  • Precise and Clear Installation Instructions document (1 – 2 pages)
  • Module usage documentation (2 – 5 pages)
    • Module Purpose
    • How does the end user use the Module?
    • Screenshots, etc.
The hackathon modules have to be build on Sitecore 8. 
Ideas submitted so far! 
  1. Sitecore & Mobile apps(Xamarin etc)
  2. Sitecore & Internet of Things(Sensors, fitbit, beacons etc)
  3. Best usage of the experience platform
  4. Best gamification of the sitecore experience editor interface
  5. Improve Editor Experience in Page Editor
  6. Best reporting tool for DMS data
  7. DMS visualization
  8. Allow selection of child item in sitecore bucket
  9. Image field that support drag&drop
  10. Coolest module to support developers
  11. Retrofit Experience Data with current persona profile
  12. Order Treelist by coordinates
  13. Using the new experience database in new ways
  14. Best integration of multiple Sitecore modules / technologies.
  15. Content Freeze Module: SPEAK app to freeze content entry and serialize to disk. Deserialized back into Sitecore content post-freeze.
  16. Best Content Analysis and Cleaning Tool
  17. Best new utility page (such as /sitecore/admin/showConfig.aspx)
  18. Best Sitecore Video Field using Speak
  19. Best module for data usage analysis (treesize, …)
  20. Best UI enhancement
  21. Modules to Speed up Sitecore Dev
  22. Best Sitecore Signalr module
  23. CloudFlare module
  24. Best Sitecore developer tool
  25. Most innovative use of Contact data
  26. Best surveillance and debugging experience tool
  27. Multisite Management Enhancement
  28. Best CRM Connectors
  29. Sitecore RAD Toolkit modules
  30. Display and edit user data using the Sitecore XD database
  31. Coolest SitecorePowerShell usage
  32. Best experience using xDB
  33. Integrating External Data
  34. Publish by phone
  35. Deployment made easy
  36. Most innovative use of SPEAK
  37. Integrated Sitecore Log Analyzer – SPEAK app to allow remote log analysis to better troubleshoot client production issues.
  38. Achievement for Content Editor
  39. Best Diagnostics Tool
  40. Most innovative data provider
  41. Best Sitecore Global Editor Panel using Speak
  42. Best module for multilingual support
  43. Responsive content editor
  44. Marketing functionality Modules
  45. S3 backup module
  46. Publish Alerts
  47. Best Sitecore browser experience plugin
  1. Community Judges
    • Anders Laub –twitter linkedin
    • Michael Reynolds –twitter linkedin
    • Robbert Hock –twitter linkedin
  2. Sitecore Technical Marketing
    • Lars F. Nielsen – twitter linkedin
    • Mark van Aalst – twitter linkedin
    • Pieter Brinkman – twitter linkedin
    • Anthony Hook – twitter linkedin
  3. Sitecore Business Optimization Services (SBOS)
    • Lars Petersen – twitter linkedin
    • Ron Person – twitter linkedin
    • Christopher Nash – twitter linkedin
  4. Sitecore Product Department
    • Kieran Marron – twitter linkedin
    • Stephen Pope – twitter linkedin
    • Jonathan David – linkedin
    • Trevor Reeves – twitter linkedin
    • Martin Hyldahl – twitter linkedin
  • Team Dracula
  • Lucian V twitter linkedin
  • Adrian S
  • Alecs T
  • Pythons
  • Sathish B twitter linkedin
  • Ray A twitter linkedin
  • The Mullet Mafia
  • Sean F
  • Debu B
  • Kenta H
  • Dream Corps Reloaded
  • Matt S twitter linkedin
  • Sanjeev G
  • Duane B twitter linkedin
  • Three Man Crew
  • Göran Halvarsson twitter linkedin
  • Dražen Janjiček twitter linkedin
  • Nona Durham twitter linkedin
  • HyperSitecore
  • Robert S
  • Tomek S
  • Piotr J
  • Uniques
  • Kevin B twitter linkedin
  • Pascal M twitter linkedin
  • Tobias S twitter linkedin
  • Three Pints Of Ale
  • Michael E twitter linkedin
  • Simon P twitter linkedin
  • Nathanael M twitter linkedin
  • Travellers
  • Blake M twitter linkedin
  • Jonas B linkedin
  • Simardeep S linkedin
  • Time To Deliver
  • aka Ted, Tony & David
  • David W twitter linkedin
  • Ted D twitter linkedin
  • Tony W twitter linkedin
  • Breaking Sitecore
  • Mister W
  • Jesse P
  • Gus F
  • Assert.IsNotNullOrEmpty(teamName, “Team name cant be null”)
  • Michael R twitter
  • Jonathan R twitter
  • The Notorious C.M.S.
  • David P twitter
  • Ozell M twitter
  • Wendy D twitter
  • The Belgian Sitecore Makers
  • Johann B twitter
  • Koen H twitter
  • Filip H twitter
  • TechGuilds
  • Dennis A twitter
  • Chris W twitter
  • Bazinga!
  • Ehab E twitter
  • David D twitter
  • Jon S twitter
  • WLS
  • Vlad I twitter
  • Adrian C twitter
  • Team Barracuda
  • Gert G twitter
  • Kris V twitter
  • Bart V
  • True Clarity
  • Chris H linkedin
  • Dave L linkedin
  • Nick H linkedin
  • Sitecore Experienced
  • Jamie S twitter
  • Mark S twitter
  • Tavi S
  • Arnoldichthys spilopterus
  • Csaba V linkedin
  • Krisztián B linkedin
  • Mihály Á linkedin
  • Bubble n Squeak
  • Tim C twitter
  • Horizontal Indians
  • Kiran P twitter
  • Varun S twitter
  • Nilesh T twitter
  • xWhelorian snake-eaters
  • Örvar K
  • Lasse P
  • Thomas S twitter
  • xGreepers
  • Uli W twitter
  • Emil K
  • Brian F twitter
  • xFyrnocks
  • Michael S twitter
  • Troels A
  • Christian-James H
  • The Lightmakers
  • Richard S twitter linkedin
  • Ben L linkedin
  • Lightmaker.Team.A
  • Robert W
  • Bobby G
  • Justin L
  • Macon Mafia
  • Lauren H
  • Tricia V
  • Jake P
  • admin/b
  • Alex J
  • Corey C twitter
  • Dan S twitter
  • Cereal Killers
  • Chris S twitter
  • Mike D twitter
  • Joseph C twitter
  • Balloons+
  • Andrey Z linkedin
  • Daniil R linkedin
  • Alexey V linkedin
  • $name
  • Jacob F
  • Martin D twitter
  • CoreSite
  • Anil Ttwitter
  • Rakesh B
  • All Hackers Win
  • Bence J
  • Imre N
  • Tamás T
  • ALLWINnerds
  • Istvan N
  • Tamas S
  • Peter K



The winning teams will each receive a $100 Amazon gift card per team member, making the total $300 per team. The Amazon gift cards will be emailed to the email addresses on file no later than 10 days after the winning team is announced.

This time we will showcase your company logo and/or your team photo.

  • No purchase necessary.
  • Must not be a legal resident of Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, the Philippines, Venezuela, Vietnam, or Province of Quebec.
  • Must 21 years or older at time of entry.
  • Registration deadline 1/20/15, 6 pm EST; entry deadline 1/24/15, 8 pm EST.
  • Additional terms, conditions and restrictions apply.
  • See Official Rules for complete details, including judging criteria and prize details.
Best Sitecore Integration Module

Integration is key, the whole world is open and ready to be integrated. Get creative and integrate with services, programs, devices or combinations. Let Sitecore work together with anything non-Sitecore and create something beyond your imagination.

Balloons+ – Box Integration Module
Gartner Names Box a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing
Companies rely on Box because it’s secure, works on any device and scales to meet the needs of small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.
Box Integration module provides instant access to Box content as well as enables seamless experience viewing office documents on your website.

Bazinga! – Azure Media Services
The Azure Media Services for Sitecore module brings the encoding and adaptive streaming capabilities of Azure to the Sitecore platform.
Video content is managed entirely from the familiar Sitecore interface while in the background Azure media encoding transforms your video assets into formats suitable for viewing on desktop and mobile devices.
Azure Media Services for Sitecore generates both ‘HLS’ and ‘Smooth Streaming’ video formats. These adaptive streaming technologies provide the optimal experience on all modern mobile platforms, dynamically reducing or increasing the video bitrate according to the device’s connection quality. Users on the move may switch from WiFi, to 4G, to a low strength 3G signal without any interruption to their viewing experience, yet also receive the highest quality video possible when bandwidth allows.

xGreepers – Zapier Connector
The Sitecore Zapier Connector integrates Sitecore engagement plan actions with the Zapier platform, allowing you to connect Sitecore to more than 300 apps, such as Twitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Instagram, Mailchimp and PayPal just to name a few.
Zapier resembles the platform If this, then that with the exception that Zapier offers an open API, which IFTTT currently doesn’t.
What will become apparent in the following is the fact that although the configuration process on Zapier might seem lengthy and tedious in the context of this Sitecore Hackathon, it dwindles in comparison to the coding effort required to create an integration to e.g. Trustpilot from scratch in a production grade solution – not to mention the myriad of other services that are at your fingertips once the initial scaffolding has been set up in Sitecore and Zapier.

Macon Mafia – Full Contact API
To allow Sitecore administrators to view enhanced information about users by utilizing the FullContact API, therefore enriching CRM data and the ability to create highly personalized marketing campaigns. Find out more about FullContact here:

Three Pints of Ale – Prism
Easily integrate data from additional external sources including RSS, Youtube and others with a view to giving full save functionality. The api allows the integration of data through Sitecore at a data provider level, giving the developer a lot of control.
The providers are setup so we can extended them later for services such as SliderShare, Vimeo, Twitter, etc.

Travellers – IBeacon
iBeacon is Apple’s implementation of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology to create a different way of providing location-based information and services to iPhones and other iOS devices. iBeacon arrived in iOS7, which means it works with iPhone 4s or later, iPad (third generation and onwards) iPad mini and iPod touch (fifth generation or later). It’s worth noting the same BLE technology is also compatible with Android 4.3. and above.
While Apple is cracking down on iBeacons on Android devices, the BLE standard appears on both Apple IOS and Android devices.

Best Business User Experience Module

Why not help our beloved business users with a better experience. Help your content editor, workflow manager or marketer do an even better job! This is your moment to shine and make their life a bit more easier.

Admin/b – Sitecore Achievement Tracker
The Sitecore Achievement Tracker incorporates gamification into the Sitecore editor experience. Sitecore 8 offers a wide variety of new features for both Content Editors and Marketers and the Achievement Tracker incentivizes new and experienced Sitecore users to explore various aspects of the system. The tracker has been built in an extensible fashion, allowing module users to cater achievements to their specific needs.

Dream Corps Reloaded – Rich Text Comments – similar to sticky notes in word review
The concept for the Rich Text Comments module is to provide business users with an ms word-like comments mode. The ultimate goal of the feature would be to allow one or more comments on any region of a rich text field and show date, user and the comment made. This would allow reviewers to provide much more granular feedback in-line rather than just a single comment at the work flow level or moving content outside of Sitecore to explain edits to be made.

Cereal Killers – Media Embed Module
Summary: Cereal Killers has created a module that allows for embedding media from external service into the Rich Text Editor. Presently the only service we have wired up is Flickr, but we have plans to extend this module for YouTube embedding as well.

Horizontal Indians  – Sitecore Power User Toolkit (SPUT)
This module aims to make Business user’s day to day tasks easy. By providing few utilities, Like:
– Unlock
– Power Operations
– Publish Panel
– Power Information

ThreeManCrew – Content By Mail
The ContentbyMail module will enable content authors to submit new content into the Sitecore CMS Platform using their email account.

WLS – Sitecore Global Editor
This module is helping editors to create global shortcuts on multisite environments. For example if editors have Sliders, Teasers or Campaigns for a site is really difficult to access them from Page Editor because this kind of items sometimes doesn’t have layouts assigned and can’t be access from Page Editor. Also Site Settings are difficult to configure from Page Editor.

xFyrnocks – Feedback Module
The goal of the user Feedback module is to enable the users to provide feedback to the Authors (Business users) as to which any given page was helpful or not, and to provide a small comment as to why the page was not helpful. This provides the authors with an opportunity to find pages which the users did not find helpful and to, based on the comments, edit the content to make the page more usable and helpful.

xWhelorianSnakeEaters – Gamification Module
The idea behind this project is to encourage/motivate editors to improve their content and utilize some of the advance features in Sitecore, by earning badges through achievements.
The entire framework should allow for easy creations of new achievements and using the gamification framework to maintain states for users and all their achievements.
This POC ships with an example Achievement the “How many time have you clicked publish achievement”. Each achievement has a Bronze, Silver and Gold-Gold that editors can achieve.
The solution could be extended to creating leaderboards, by using the sitecore/api/GetAllAchievements api or the GetAchievementsForAllUsersService.
In order to use the module, the user should be logged into the Sitecore domain when calling APIs. Furthermore, Publish Item should be used, as Incremental Publish does not use the item:publish command
For an end user to obtain a score for an achievement, the correct commands should be used. In this POC, the end user should do a publish, which will increment score on the publish achievement by one.

Best Development Experience Module

Developer, developers , developers…’s all about developers. As a developer you can never have enough tools or accelerator kits to make your work easier! Create anything that will help you. This is the challenge to make your own daily job a better and more fun experience!

Sitecore Experienced – Integrated Dynamic Placeholders
Dynamic Placeholders are a very desired feature set for the Sitecore community as evidenced
by these links: Sitecore Developer UserVoice and Stack Overflow. Many variations of Dynamic Placeholders for both WebForms and MVC frameworks exist in various formats throughout the web, but there is not yet a single Sitecore module that allows this functionality to be added without custom coding. Furthermore, a common struggle that many developers face while implementing a custom Dynamic Placeholder solution is within the management of the Placeholder Settings items within Sitecore. Because the Placeholder Key field of a Placeholder Settings item can only contain one Key value, and the Key value must match exactly, many existing custom solutions require a one-to-one
creation of Placeholder Settings items and the number of Dynamic Placeholders (of the same type) that will be used on any given page. This one-to-one relationship creates maintenance overhead over time.
The Integrated Dynamic Placeholders package team Sitecore! Experienced has developed will allow both MVC and WebForms support natively, as well as programmatically connect a single Placeholder Setting Item to all instances of the named Dynamic Placeholder that appear on any page, regardless of quantity.
This is why we did this….we have struggled with it in the past. We worked around it. Others have worked around it we wanted to give everyone an easier way….

Uniques – Packman
The target audience of this module are Sitecore developers who want to keep track of Item and Template changes while working on new features.
It enables you to automatically track those changes and add additional Items manually to the process. At the end of your work, you can generate
an Item Package which contains all those changes without having to go into the Package Designer and remember which Items you touched. All of this without leaving the Content Editor!

All Hackers Win – Test Data Generator Tool
This is module is support developers to create test data from a selected template. This module is a solution to test your sitecore application with many item. Occuring daily problem is that to create dummy items lost a lot of time. This module can help you to accelerate your daily job, and you can have more time to deal with your implementation.

Arnoldichthys Spilopterus – Xport Module
A tool which support query and export items based on a sitecore query and several filter criteria.
Our clients often ask us to create several types of exports from Sitecore which are always need extra development. We would like to avoid implementing different export tools if we can implement one tool which supports sitecore queries and several filter criteria. Also, the build in Xpath builder does not have feature which allows to us to export the results of the queries.

Assert.IsNotNullOrEmpty – Reset to Standard Values
This sitecore app allows you to select a standard values item, and reset specific fields to standard value on all items based on that particular template. The module will also expand any token that exist within the chosen field.
You can also do this from a sitecore item rather than a template standard value too. This will just reset the fields on this item and expand tokens.
The module is build on Sitecore SPEAK and uses EntityService fas an API for the app. Sampleitems and temple included to demo feature.

Pythons – Mini database comparison tool
This module is intended to assist developers in comparing Sitecore databases. This could be used to compare item in the master versus web. Or, it could be useful in comparing across instances; for example: QA to Dev. The tool will compare starting at an item as selected from a source and a target database. This item an optionally its children will be compared and an output box will show the differences found. If no differences are found that result will be shown.

Team Dracula – Enhanced Datasources Module
The purpose of this module is to improve the editorial experience when working with datasources but also to offer developers an option that will make their work easier when dealing with Sitecore datasources.
There have been many situations in which as developers we had to duplicate functionality/sitecore items that could have been refactored into using the same structure if the datasource dialog for creating new datasource items was more permissive

The Mullet Mafia – Tree Visualization with D3
This package is a working proof of concept which includes SVG data visualization functionality using D3.js, a JavaScript library for manipulating data-driven documents. It allows for a greater enhanced view of items and its relationships within a tree in a tidy arrangement.